ARTEC APEX Ultimate Armor Kit Dana 30 (Raw) for '07-'18 Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU



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APEX Front Dana 30 Ultimate Armor Kit with Raised Trackbar Height
JK APEX Front Axle ULTIMATE ARMOR KIT Everything you need to make your Jeep Wrangler JK front axle the strongest it can be
Included in this kit:
APEX Front Axle Truss, Heavy Duty Front LCA Brackets, Heavy Duty  Shock Brackets, Inner C Gussets, APEX Heavy Duty Trackbar Bracket
JK APEX Front Axle Truss
A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE APEX TRUSS! Artec Industries is proud to announce the next generation of PATENT PENDING axle trusses. This series of trusses not only builds on our experience as the world leader in axle truss design, it brings it to a whole new level of cost savings, strength, weight savings, simplicity of installation, precision fitment, and complete axle protection never before seen in the industry. The key feature that sets the APEX truss apart is its unique peaked shape top which provides extra rigidity to the whole truss while allowing both a reduction in weight (vs using a thicker material top) and eliminating long weld seams. Previous versions with long weld seams can be lead to extra weld warping of the axle, longer install times and can be inconsistent. This peaked structure not only applies to the axle tube between the coil perches but extends underneath the coil perches as well, forming a complete truss from end to end of axle, an industry first in an OEM axle application. The JK APEX Front Axle Truss has been secretly tested for over a year and a half proving that even though the truss is lighter weight, the peaked structure of the truss holds up to both extreme applications and daily driving. The new JK APEX Front Axle Truss is the epitome of low cost, easy and quick to weld, simple, strong, and complete solutions for making your factory Jeep axle take more abuse than originally intended. You want easy insurance for your axle? The JK APEX Truss provides it.

JK Front LCA Brackets
While Skids work well, sometimes a whole bracket replacement is needed. These Heavy Duty brackets go a step further than the factory brackets by integrating a skid plate underneath and wrapping more fully around the axle tube. Those factory tin foil brackets of your are probably bent anyways, so these steel 1/4" thick replacements will ensure that you have the toughest front axle.

JK Shock Brackets
Take hit a little too hard and boom, your factory shock bracket bends or breaks right off the axle. Not going to happen with these steel 1/4" thick replacement shock brackets. No more worrying.

JK Inner C Gussets
These heavy duty inner C gussets are designed to take serious abuse and reinforce your front Dana 30 or 44 JK Inner C's. The 1/4" thick  precision cut and formed components precisely contour and wrap around your inner c and add rigidity.

JK APEX Tracbar Brackets
One of the weakest components of your factory axle is the axle side trackbar bracket and it's typically one of the main reasons for "death wobble". Our new Heavy Duty Trackbar brackets are designed to work with our new APEX Truss and eliminate the issues caused by weak factory brackets. They are seriously beefy and ready to take the abuse not to mention raise your steering stabilizer up and out of the way of rocks.

Fits the following applications:

'07-'17 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door
'07-'17 Jeep Wrangler JKU 4 Door

Part #: JK3057

Finish: Bare Steel

This Kit includes entire replacement LCA brackets and Shock brackets whereas the regular armor kit just adds a skid plate to the factory LCA brackets.

Features include:
PATENT PENDING APEX truss peaked top design provides more rigidity than a flat top truss design
Truss is CNC Precision Laser cut in-house from 1/8" mild steel for a lightweight yet strong solution...only 7 lbs
Truss is CNC Precision Bent in-house for a great fitment. Literally drop the truss in place on the axle and it's ready to weld. No puzzle piece assembling*
Designed used 3D models directly from Dana Corp and Jeep for not only an amazing fit but clearances with surrounding components
70% less welding needed than previous truss designs means less warping, faster turnaround, and lower costs
All long seams are bent so you don't need to spend time welding them together
APEX design continues under the OEM coil buckets for complete end-to-end axle reinforcement...an industry first
Dimpled holes provide not only weight reduction but rigidity and strength
Contours to the cast steel differential and can be welded with normal MIG welder and moderate pre-heating and post-heating
Provides worry-free wheeling of up to 37 inch tires on stock JK axles**
Truss strengthens the weakest sections of the axle...under the coil perches, around the control arm brackets, and where the tube enters the casting
Low Profile Design doesn't go over differential and allows usage in vehicles with only slight lift***
Front LCA Brackets, Shock Brackets, Inner C Gussets and HD Trackbar Brackets made from 1/4" steel
Gussets, and Brackets strengthen or replace weak components of the axle that are prone to failure

NOTE: Jeep offers different variations of axle housings. Please refer to the following diagram for details on which version to choose. If you have one model of a vehicle but have swapped in axles from another model, choose the model that the axles were originally in.
JK3057 - Use on JK Sport/Sahara (Dana 30 front axle) with over 3 inch lift using DRAG LINK FLIP KIT
JK3058 - Use on JK Sport/Sahara (Dana 30 front axle) with under 3 inch lift using factory trackbar mounting location
JK4457 - Use on JK Rubicon (Dana 44 front axle) with over 3 inch lift using DRAG LINK FLIP KIT
JK4458 - Use on JK Rubicon (Dana 44 front axle) with under 3 inch lift using factory trackbar mounting location

NOTE: If your lift replaces your trackbar and mounts to the factory axle bracket (typical with a lift that includes an adjustable trackbar), choose FACTORY HEIGHT BRACKET. If you are doing a DRAG LINK FLIP (which requires a minimum 3" lift and bumpstop extensions), choose RAISED HEIGHT BRACKET. 

*Some grinding and fitment may be required when installing this kit. Every axle varies slightly and some fabrication may be required.
**Stock axles have other components that may not hold up to the abuse of larger tires. Artec implies no guarantees that you will not break some component on your stock axles using larger tires. Use at you own risk.

NOTE: This kit requires general welding and fabrication skills including welding to the cast center section and cast inner c's. Welding should only be done by a competent welder. Artec Industries implies no guarantees or warranties and is not liable for improper installation.
 ** In rare and extreme cases, the truss may come into contact with oil pan. Prior to operating the vehicle, remove the coil springs, cycle the suspension including full compression of both sides simultaneously and add bumpstop extensions to prevent damage to oil pan.