Morimoto Lighting Plug & Play XB LED Tail Lights - Red for '09-'14 Ford F150



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Morimoto XB LED Headlights


The Morimoto XB LED Tail Lights for the 09-14 Ford F-150, the long-awaited solution for F-150 owners seeking premium tail lights. These lights combine style and functionality, inspired by modern OEM LED tail lights from later generation trucks. With two clusters of four 3D Optics, integrated TIR optics, and parking light optics, they offer impressive illumination for brake lights, turn signals, and parking lights. Notably, the Morimoto XB tail lights come equipped with powerful LED reverse lights and the optional LED Backup Boost Bar, providing an additional 2,700 lumens of controlled light output in reverse. Designed to comply with all DOT and SAE regulations, these tail lights prioritize safety while delivering a stylish upgrade. Choose between optional smoked or red outer lenses to suit your preferences. Trust in Morimoto's commitment to quality, as these tail lights are verified by third-party labs and backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty. Upgrade your 09-14 F-150 with the best-looking and high-performance tail lights on the market today.

Ford F-150: While every biz in the aftermarket has a catalog full of products for the 09-14 Ford F-150, somehow no brand has yet to deliver a worthy set of tail lights for this truck... until now. The Morimoto XB LED tail lights are the category killer that every F-150 owner has been waiting for!

Reverse Lights: Are often over-looked, but not with the Morimoto XB tail lights for the F-150. While they come standard with powerful LED reverse lights, just wait, theres more! Morimoto's BLBB system allows you to plug n play with the optional LED Backup Boost Bar which mounts to the top of your license plate frame and provides an extra 2,700 lumens of controlled light output in reverse. Yeah, Morimoto customers like to see where they're going in reverse too!

Style: Inspired by the design of the more modern OEM LED tail lights from later generation trucks, these look right at-home on the rear end of the 12th Gen. Two clusters of four 3D Optics are illuminated from the rear with integrated TIR optics, and serve as the brake light and turn signal. The parking light optic around the outer edge of the lights mirrors the OEM LED setup, and is equally impressive in the intensity department day or night. Pair that with the surrounding muscular trim, optional smoked or red outer lens, and we've easily got what is the best-looking set tail lights on the road for the 09-14 F-150s!

Style and Safety: All Morimoto tail lights are designed to comply with all DOT, SAE regulations for rear-facing lamps. We pride ourselves on offering stylish, high-performance and safe products for serious enthusiasts, which is why all new Morimoto products are verified by trusted third party labs for compliance and are backed with an industry-leading five year warranty.


  • Tail Lights: 2x (One Pair) 09-14 Ford F-150 XB LED Tail Lights

  • Wiring: Plug and Play Harness


  • Stylish Design: Modern OEM-inspired LED tail lights for a sleek look.
  • Impressive Illumination: 3D Optics and powerful LED reverse lights.
  • Enhanced Safety: Meets DOT and SAE regulations for rear-facing lamps.
  • Optional Boost: Add 2,700 lumens with the LED Backup Boost Bar.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty, verified by third-party labs.


This Morimoto product includes a 5 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse.


  • Ford F-150 Trucks: 09-14 (all)

  • Replaces Ford Part #: AL3Z-13404-AE, BL3Z-13405-B, BL3Z-13404-BCP, 44ZH-1982-C, BL3Z13405AB, BL3Z13404AB

  • NOTE: These housings have been designed for, and tested on, US-Spec vehicles. Other countries' compatibility may vary and is not guaranteed nor always known.