Poison Spyder BFH Body Mounts 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ



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Poison Spyder BFH Body Mounts 

Fits the following applications:

'97-'06 Jeep Wrangler TJ 

Part #: 14-51-030

Replace your Jeep's trail-mangled body mounts with these extreme duty BFH™ Body Mounts from Poison Spyder Customs. They're made of beefy 3/16" plate steel, and designed to act like a ramp to help you slide up and over rocks, rather than act like an anchor to hold you back, like the stock ones do.

 If you've had your Jeep in the rocks—especially extreme rock trails like The Hammers—you know what this is all about. The stock body mounts on the Jeep TJ are made of pretty thin sheetmetal. Combine that with the fact that they're hanging right there in the way when you're trying to squeeze through, around, and over the rocks. The result is they can take quite a beating, and usually end up looking like they've been hit with a wrecking ball. Repeatedly. Not only that, the stock perches weren't designed with "rockodynamics" in mind—that is, they're not very good at sliding over the rocks rather than hanging up on them.

Poison Spyder BFH™ Body Mountss were literally designed and " Built For the Hammers™", and they address both of the major problems of the stock ones. They are made of beefy CNC laser cut 3/16" plate steel, precision brake-formed and professionally MIG welded. The design and materials result in a much beefier unit that can handle whatever punishment you put them through. And the shape of the BFH™ Body Mount is designed to act as a ramp, helping the Jeep slide up and over the rocks rather than catching and digging in like an anchor. The design is fully boxed on all sides to provide strength, with ovaled access holes to reach the body mount bolts. And they can be welded on an inch higher than the stock body mounts, if desired, for a puck-less body lift that tucks them up even further from the rocks. They even have small drain holes to keep water and mud from pooling inside.

These were originally designed for Daddy Longlegs, and have been in heavy use for over a year, on hard core trails from The Hammers to Moab to Colorado. They've taken a beating and have only superficial rock rash to show for it.