Quake LED Slim Chop DRL Turn Signals with RGB Sequential Switchback Lights for '18-Current Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara / '20-Current Gladiator Overland



Product type: Turn Signal Lights



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Quake LED - Slim Chop DRL w/ RGB Sequential Switchback Turn Signal Kit

Providing enhanced visibility for a safer driving experience with a plug and play installation. These premium DRL lights provide a bulb-free design that is waterproof and extremely durable against potential trail damage. Constructed with a military grade, fiberglass reinforced plastic housing and polycarbonate lenses that will not yellow. Giving optimum protection against the abuse of road debris, and impact from branches on the trail. Sealed with reinforcement grade epoxy that protects the innards from corrosion and moisture. Engineered with advanced circuitry to protect against voltage spikes. Quake offers a quality that is built to last.

Gain additional tire clearance while adding style and upper fender flare support to your Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara or Gladiator JT Overland with the Quake LED Slim Chop DRL Kit with Sequential Turn Signals and RGB Accenting. Providing for a safer driving experience while turning heads at the same time.

These premium DRL lights are waterproof and their extremely durable all metal construction design provides against potential trail damage. Over-engineered with highly advanced circuitry to protect against voltage spikes. Installs without any dash errors or hyper flashing.

A simple, complete plug and play installation with all necessary hardware and instructions. Quake offers an off-road construction and quality that is built to last. No cutting or splicing required. Sold as a pair. Designed for Sahara/Overland fender flares only.


2018+ JL Sahara
2018-2019 JL Moab
2020+ JT Overland
2020+ JT Sport S Max Tow

Sequential Switchback Turn Signal – The amber sequential turn signals mark the direction of your turn signal for others to follow. They have three phases of amber lights that enlarge as they flash. Then, all the lights extinguish at the same time and the sequence is repeated over again. This unique feature will make your Jeep stand out and it creates a safer driving experience.

Quake LED Specifications:
Function - DRL, Sequential Turn Signal & RGB Accenting
LED - High Power 3528 SMD
Color Temperature - 6000K DRL
DRL Wattage - 3 Watts each side
Turn Signal Wattage - 1.5 Watts each side
Marker Wattage - 0.5 Watts each side RGB Wattage - 0.5 Watts each side Lens Material - High Impact Resistance Polycarbonate Housing Material - Laser Cut Steel Finish - Black Powder Coat Operating Voltage - 12VDC Operating Temp -40 to 140 degrees F IP67 Waterproof Rating Life Span Expectancy - 50,000 Hours Certification: DOT, SAE & E-Mark Compliant

Low Profile DRL Chop Kit with Sequential Switchback Turn Signals, Amber Side Markers & RGB

Deletes lower Fender while adding upper Fender support
100% Plug in Play design! (No cutting or splicing required)
Will fit both Halogen or LED Jeep JL or JT models
No 3D printed lens which are known for cracking and fading to yellow
Extremely strong steel bracket design
No Dashboard Messages, Errors or Hyper-flashing
Operating voltage of 12VDC
DOT and SAE Compliant
Very low power consumption
Bracket Material: Laser Cut Precision Steel
Lens Material: Impact Resistant Poly-Carbonate
IP67 Rating (protection against dust/water ingress)
Long life expectancy of over 50,000+ hours
Quake Construction for the Ultimate Performance On & Off-road

Jeep JL/JT Rubicon Fender DRL Chop Kit
Plug and play wire harness - 1 Pair
Mounting Hardware - 1 Set Allen Wrench - 1pc
Zip Ties - x8