Rock Jock AntiRock Rear Sway Bar Kit (1" Torsion Bar) for '20-Current Jeep Gladiator JT



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Rock Jock 4x4 Antirock® Rear Sway Bar Kit

The RockJock Antirock Sway Bar Kit for the rear of all JT Gladiator vehicles helps free up suspension articulation to increase off-road traction and 4 wheel footing. Additionally, the Antirock attempts to keep the vehicle cabin level to minimize that tipping feeling in off-camber situations that the wife is generally opposed to!
The Antirock sway bar easily bolts on with hand tools and is designed to directly replace the vehicle’s stock front sway bar and not require disconnecting for off-road use!
The sway bar is made of 4130 heat treated chromoly for ultimate strength, which is the same quality used in professional off-road competition sway bars.
For those looking for maximum strength for their rock crawling rig, the forged 4340 sway bar arms in this kit feature a vertical offset to allow for maximum suspension uptravel and provide incredible strength and rigidity via their I-beam cross section design. These arms feature 2 adjustable sway bar link mounting holes where the included RJ-201000-101 Double Sheer End Link Bracket Kit installs. These brackets add 1 1/2 in. in arm length and the ability to offset the end link side to side up to 1 1/4 in. to maximize clearance and fine tune the kit’s overall fitment to your application.

Kit Fits:

JT Gladiator – All Models

Kit Includes:

Sway Bar Torsion Bar (1" diameter)
Fabricated steel frame brackets (pair)
Fabricated steel axle brackets (pair)
Forged chromoly sway bar arms (pair)
Double sheer end link bracket kit
Adjustable Sway Bar End Links (pair)
(2) Delrin sway bar bushings
All Required Hardware and step-by-step instructions


Body Roll - Antirock sway bar equipped vehicles will exhibit more body roll than vehicles equipped with the stock sway bar. Antirock sway bars may be used on the street, however, they do not provide the same handling characteristics as the stock sway bar.
End Links - Out of the box, the length of the sway bar’s vertical links that are included in this kit are intended for use with our suspension systems (4 in. lift). Depending upon your specific vehicle’s lift, you may obtain shorter links to suit less lift, here. If you require longer links than this kit includes, for more lift, you may either modify the links in the kit or new links may have to be fabricated.
Fitment - This bolt-on kit is designed to bolt to the vehicle’s factory frame and any factory JT rear axle option. If your vehicle build features an aftermarket rear axle, you will have to address the end link mounting point at the axle by modifying the brackets in the kit or fabricating new mounting tabs to suite. See our universal link mounting tab offerings here.
Overlanding - If your vehicle will be heavily loaded with racks and/or rooftop tent, etc., for overlanding, make sure to check out our RJ-256200-103 kit that features a much heavier rate torsion bar to suite this loaded application.

Part #: RJ-256200-101