TeraFlex 2.5" Sport ST2 Suspension System No Shock Absorbers 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL 2 Door



Product type: Lift Kit



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These all-inclusive TeraFlex Sport ST (Street & Trail) Suspensions Systems deliver true street & trail (ST) performance and capability in a dependable and maintenance-free package.

Developed for the Jeep enthusiast looking for a stable highway commute and comfortable trail performance, the 2.5” Sport ST2 Suspension System features front lower Sport Flexarms and Falcon Progressive Bump Stops. The preset Sport Flexarms optimize steering geometry for improved highway handling. The additional lift height over the Sport ST1 clears larger diameter tires without compromising on- and off-road stability.

All Sport ST Suspension Systems feature coil springs and bump stops optimized for stated lift height as well as tire and component clearance.

The Sport ST2 adds front lower Sport Flexarm preset control arms that optimize caster and pinion angles to restore front suspension geometry. This system also includes a Rear Track Bar Bracket to improve steering response, optimize vehicle roll center, and reduce body roll for unsurpassed handling.

This results in a simple “install and drive” bolt-on installation with no cutting, welding, or alignment required. These maintenance-free suspension systems provide superior on-road ride quality and comfort with maximum off-road flex. TeraFlex suspension systems provide reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

Sport ST Suspension Systems can be installed on Friday, wheeled on Saturday, and driven to church on Sunday!

Does NOT include shocks. We recommend Falcon Performance Shocks. Falcon shock absorbers and TeraFlex lift coil springs have been engineered together to improve both compression and rebound for optimal vehicle stability. Sport ST Suspension Systems are offered with a choice of Falcon shock absorbers or without shocks.


• Fits: JL Wrangler (2-door) 
• Lift Height: 2.5”

Max Tire Diameter:

• Sport/Sahara Fenders: 35” (w/ 3” front & 2.5” rear bump stops) 
• Rubicon Fenders: 35” (w/ 2” front & 2” rear bump stops) 
• Rubicon Fenders: 37” (w/ 2.5” front & 3” rear bump stops)


• 2.5” Lift Coil Springs (Front: # 1862002 & Rear: # 1862102) 
• Sport Flexarm Kit – Front Lower Preset Control Arms (1.5-3.5” Lift) (# 1253000) 
• Rear Track Bar Bracket (2.5-4.5” Lift) (# 1953600) 
• Falcon Progressive Front & Rear Bump Stop Kit (0-4.5” Lift) (# 1959200) 
• 2” Front & Rear Bump Stop Strike Pad Extension Kit (# 1959500) 
• 0.5” Front & Rear Bump Stop Strike Pad Shim Kit (# 1959300) 
• Longer 11.5” Front Sway Bar Link Kit (# XXXXXXX) 
• Longer 10.75” Rear Sway Bar Link Kit (# 744500) 
• All necessary hardware 
• And more

Sport ST2 
Features & Benefits:

• Sport/Sahara Fenders: 35” Tires 
• Rubicon Fenders: 35-37” Tires 
• Preset front lower Sport Flexarms optimize caster and pinion for 2.5” lift kits (1.5” lifts = more caster; 3.5” lifts = less caster) 
• High-quality, maintenance-free factory-style bushings provide excellent vibration damping and ride quality

Street & Trail 
Features & Benefits:

• Delivers true street & trail (ST) performance 
• Dependable performance w/ zero worries 
• Positive, responsive handling w/ reduced NVH 
• Front (3.5”+) and Rear (2.5”+) Track Bar Brackets correct caster angle, steering geometry, center the axles, and reduce body roll 
• Falcon Progressive Front & Rear Bump Stops protect occupants and the vehicle from hard suspension bottoming 
• Full range of movement for off-road flex and articulation 
• Install and drive, simple bolt-on installation – no welding required 
• No alignment required 
• TeraFlex Lifetime Warranty


• Requires aftermarket wheels w/ 4.75” backspacing or less – or Offset Wheel Adapters for stock wheels – NOT INCLUDED. 
• Models with plastic bumpers require removal of bumper-to-fender wind deflector/splash guards in order to fit 35” or larger tires. 
• Sport/Sahara Fenders require 3” front and 2.5” rear bump stop extensions and shims (included) in order to fit 35” tires. 
• Rubicon Fenders require 2” front and 2” rear bump stop extensions (included) in order to fit 35” tires. 
• Rubicon Fenders require 2.5” front and 3” rear bump stop extensions and shims (included) in order to fit 37” tires. 
• Requires longer shocks (not included in base kit) – Falcon Performance Shocks recommended.

Install Time: 9.5 Hours (10.5 Hours w/ shocks)

Available Configurations:

JL 2-Door:

• ST2 w/ Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks (# 1512233) 
• ST2 w/ Falcon 3.1 Piggyback Shocks (# 1512231) 
• ST2 w/ Falcon 2.1 Monotube Shocks (# 1512221) 
• ST2 – No Shock Absorbers (# 1512200)

JLU 4-Door:

• ST2 w/ Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks (# 1512033) 
• ST2 w/ Falcon 3.1 Piggyback Shocks (# 1512031) 
• ST2 w/ Falcon 2.1 Monotube Shocks (# 1512021) 
• ST2 – No Shock Absorbers (# 1512000)